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These water cleaners combine technology and experience with the cleaning force of hot water. High performance and low consumption do the rest, making the UNIVERSE range unique in the professional cleaning field 


Delayed Total - Stop (TSR) control: interrupts operation of the appliance 30" after the water gun is turned off then starts it up again when the gun is turned on, extending the working life of components and saving energy. High efficiency boiler with stainless steel components and treated steel coil. Rust - proof with more or less unlimited working life. Low pressure detergent delivery controlled from lance. Pressure and steam phases regulation knob accessible externally externally enabling pressure to be adapted to the various cleaning needs. Crank - type H.P. pump: hight efficiency; machanical components with low working temperature; low nois; brass head: long working life; ceramic pistons: hight resistance to wear. two - pole asynchronous continuos duty electric induction motor (2800 rpm); air cooled with thermal cutout. 1) Adjustables maximum temperature thermostat. Modulates and limits the maximum temperature of the water and garantees operator safety and the reliability of the components. 2) Regulatin pressure switch. Controls combustion in relation to operation of the H.P. pump. 3) Safety valve to limit overpressure. Protects the hydraulic circuit and above all safety of the operator in the event of accidental overpressure. 

Technical data
Technical features
Operating pressure bar
Volume l/h
Outlet water temperature
Oil consumption kg/h
Absorbed power W
Fuel tank l
Detergent tank l
Descaling tank l
Lenght of A.P. House m
Dimensions LxWxH cm
97 x 66 x 88
Weight [Kg]

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