Cyclone Burnishing Machine Klenco U51
Cyclone Burnishing Machine Klenco U51 High Speed Polisher Floor Scrubber Johor Bahru JB Malaysia Supply, Suppliers, Supplies | FT Cleaning Supplies
Features and Applications

U51 appln.jpgWhen an extremely high gloss level is required, use the Cyclone U51.This ultra-high speed machine features a pressure limit adjustment toprevent floor damage or tripping from excessive pad pressure, full padcontact for even wear and maximum pad life, automatic pad guiding thatconforms to the irregularities of floor surface.

A built-in dust control system eliminates dust emissions and provides ahealthier work environment, while the safety lockout on/off switch preventsaccidental start-ups by passer-bys. The double shafted handle providesbalanced handling and reduces operator fatigue.


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