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The machines in the MITHO range are extremely tough. Highly versatile thanks to the numerous standard accessories supplied, MITHO machines provide an answer to all cleaning requirements, can be adapter to any type of surface and take up little space when stored. 


By - pass incorporated in the pump head to zero pressure. Low pressure during stop phase. Fewer leaks in the hydraulic circuit. The electric motor starts up empty. Boiler frame in higt efficiency painted steel and double loop coil in treated steel. Simple: to deliver detergen (low pressure) just use the lance. Crank-type H.P. pump: top efficiency, mechanical components with low working temperature, low noise. Mitho: alluminium head with pressure regulating valve, steel, steel pistons. Mitho plus: brass head, long working life, ceramic pistons, hight resistance to wear. Two - pole continuos duty electric induction motor (2800 rpm) with thermal cutout. Maintenance free. 1) Maximum temperature thermostat. Limits the maximum temperature of the water and guarantees operator safety and the reliability of the components. 2) Safety thermostat. Turns off the burner if there is a fault in the hydraulic circuit. 3) Regulation pressure switch. Controls combustion in relation to operation of the H.P.pump. 4) Pressure zeroing bypass. The special and exclusive bypass zeroes pressure at every point of the hydraulic circuit when the water gun is release, for maximum operator safety.

Technical data
Technical features
Operating pressure bar
Volume l/h
Outlet water temperature
Oil consumption kg/h
Absorbed power W
Fuel tank l
Detergent tank l
Descaling tank l
Lenght of A.P. House m
Dimensions LxWxH cm
60 x 40 x 68
Weight [Kg]

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